Let’s Go Naked on Rage!

The new clip for the second single single Blind was recently sighted on Rage. It was in the wee hours of the morning when all sensible (and boring) people are tucked up cosily in bed.

It used to be pot luck on good authority from those who stay awake all night waiting for such things to appear on Raaaaaaaage. However, now with the playlists on the website, you can see everything that’s been on.  Here’s the playlist for the night that Blind was played.

If only Rage put them up ahead of the show we could stay up to watch…..

Another….er, coffee….anyone?

Greetings to Let’s Go Naked from Marcel in Munich, Germany!

ImageEvery so often we get a really special message from the other side of the globe that makes it all seem so worth while.

A very nice man by the name of Marcel who lives in beautiful Munich in Germany sent us this short note:


How wonderful your return! I loved your album on egg records some years ago very much. Beautiful haunting jangle pop, perfect guitars and voice.

How on earth can I get your new album here to Germany? I need this!

Cheers and all the best,


We worked out that Rough Trade would be the quickest delivery option and then Marcel responded:

Hey Michael!

Many many thanks for your help and the mail.

I have just ordered via rough trade. I think it is the fastest way. Now I am looking forward to it very much!

Many thanks again, I wish you all the best, keep going on make heavenly pop songs, and maybe you come one day to Munich, Germany.



Come to Munich! Yes! The first possible chance and we’d be there – a pity they don’t have the resident bands on planes like they used to have on the cruise ships. It’d be our ticket.  Either that or in a pet cage…..!

Let’s Go Naked On 96.5 Inner FM


Check out Adrian Hook’s excellent “New Grooves” program which features new and recent material from local independent artists.

Adrian will be giving “So Many Mysteries” from Emotion Engine a spin on the Monday show between 1 – 2 p.m. The program is repeated at midnight and on Thursday and is streamed on the following link at Inner FM.

Support your local community stations who support local music….!

Let’s Go Naked Release “Blind” Music Clip

Blind is the second single and music clip from the new Let’s Go Naked album Emotion Engine.

The clip was shot and directed by Andrew and Tim Lofthouse. Well done guys.

Check it out:


Let’s Go Naked on Radio 107.1FM Port Douglas

For any Oz music fans who are up in beautiful Port Douglas and surrounds make sure to tune into Radio 107.1FM Port Douglas.

Check out Nick Swainson’s great shows The Crunch each weekday (and Antipodean Tunes each Thursday) from 1-4PM. Not only has Nick been giving Let’s Go Naked a spin but also plays heaps of great Australian music and bands.

For those not fortunate enough to be up in the warm Queensland tropics or from other parts of the globe, you can still stream the show online using the webcast on the home page right here.  Plus the added benefit is you get to see the master at work!

Let’s Go Naked new album Emotion Engine Now Available

The new album Emotion Engine was released in Australia on July 6th 2012 through MGM Distribution.

The album is now available from major independent retailers throughout Australia and the UK or via digital download from iTunes.