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Like all global citizens we can see the benefits of free trade (and more specifically fair trade)….

However, in a world of massive conglomerates such as the Universal Music Group there is no protection to ensure Australian content (and more so the content from independent labels and artists) gets a share of exposure.  And, erm….recent ‘payola’ type scandals and the rigging of online viewing stats shows that not much has changed at the top end of town.

The independents are the R&D labs of the music industry.  If you are a lover and consumer of Aussie music then check out and join the petition here at

More Aussie Music Petition at Change.Org

Let’s Go Naked on Rage!

The new clip for the second single single Blind was recently sighted on Rage. It was in the wee hours of the morning when all sensible (and boring) people are tucked up cosily in bed.

It used to be pot luck on good authority from those who stay awake all night waiting for such things to appear on Raaaaaaaage. However, now with the playlists on the website, you can see everything that’s been on.  Here’s the playlist for the night that Blind was played.

If only Rage put them up ahead of the show we could stay up to watch…..

Another….er, coffee….anyone?

PBS 106.7FM Homebrew Playing Blind


Let’s Go Naked new single Blind recently got a spin on Homebrew PBS 106.7FM which is presented by Jenny O’Keefe.  Homebrew is a great show featuring local and indie music. Podcasts of all the shows can be found here.

Homebrew is your one stop shop for local and independent music. You’ll hear garage, funk, indie, acoustic, jazz, soul, and anything else you can think of. The first Monday of every month includes Straight To You – a live set from an emerging artist.

Thanks Jenny – we love community radio giving local independent artists a voice!

Oxygen 98.1FM Podcast Uploaded

Website Media Page

Check it out at:

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or here at:



Check it out at:

[soundcloud url=”″ iframe=”true” /]

or here at:

Website Media Page

Tune in to Oxygen and Let’s Go Naked – 4EB FM 98.1 Friday 24.08.12 9.15-10PM

OXYGEN – Voted Multicultural Youth Program of the Year 2009 & 2011


Oxygen first hit the 4EB airwaves in 2003 and since then it has been constantly evolving allowing the youth of Brisbane to have a voice on Friday nights.

This award winning youth radio program is produced by 3 talented, energetic and inspirational local broadcasters from a diverse range of ethnic backgrounds. Each week’s program is different with fresh innovative content and the best popular music from around the globe. It’s a show where young people can meet new faces, share their culture, learn and respect the differences in each other’s culture as well.

Tune in this Friday night 9.15-10PM when the guys spin some tunes and have a chat with Let’s Go Naked!

Let’s Go Naked On 96.5 Inner FM


Check out Adrian Hook’s excellent “New Grooves” program which features new and recent material from local independent artists.

Adrian will be giving “So Many Mysteries” from Emotion Engine a spin on the Monday show between 1 – 2 p.m. The program is repeated at midnight and on Thursday and is streamed on the following link at Inner FM.

Support your local community stations who support local music….!

Let’s Go Naked Release “Blind” Music Clip

Blind is the second single and music clip from the new Let’s Go Naked album Emotion Engine.

The clip was shot and directed by Andrew and Tim Lofthouse. Well done guys.

Check it out: