Let’s Go Naked on Rage!

The new clip for the second single single Blind was recently sighted on Rage. It was in the wee hours of the morning when all sensible (and boring) people are tucked up cosily in bed.

It used to be pot luck on good authority from those who stay awake all night waiting for such things to appear on Raaaaaaaage. However, now with the playlists on the website, you can see everything that’s been on.  Here’s the playlist for the night that Blind was played.

If only Rage put them up ahead of the show we could stay up to watch…..

Another….er, coffee….anyone?

Let’s Go Naked on Just Released with Bill Riner and Brandon Stewart on ABC Digital – Jul 21 + 22

Let's Go Naked Just Released

Great news…Let’s Go Naked are getting a spin this weekend July 21st and 22nd on Bill Riner and Brandon Stewart’s excellent show Just Released.  Tune in to hear a favourite track of ours called “Johnny Shines” from the new album Emotion Engine.  It’s a tune that is not on Soundcloud so if you don’t have the album (yet) check it out….. plus Bill and Brandon play a whole bunch of new and interesting releases.

Just Released is heard Saturdays at 12pm and Sundays at 5pm (AEDT or AEST) on ABC Digital Radio in Brisbane, Sydney, Canberra, Melbourne, Adelaide and Perth, and via the streams of metropolitan stations on the Gold Coast, in Newcastle, Hobart and Darwin. You can also listen to the show during the week on ABC Dig Music Mondays @ 2pm, Wednesdays @ 8pm & Thursdays @ 11am (AEDT or AEST) and on Radio Australia throughout Asia & the Pacific.
To stream Just Released on demand, connect to your preferred web page via the links above.

Emotion Engine is album of the week on 612 ABC Mornings with Steve Austin

Let’s Go Naked’s new release Emotion Engine is the featured album of the week July 2nd to 6th on Steve Austin’s morning show on 612 ABC in Brisbane.  A different song is featured each day this week.

A big thanks to Steve, producer Rebecca and the morning crew for a great lead up to the album release on 6th July.

Check it out at 612 (the show is also broadcast in digital) or stream it live by clicking the ABC link above or the one below: